Criminal Defense Law

“When the jury is seated, you ‘d better have an experienced criminal defense lawyer sitting on your side; the other side certainly will.” said ORLANDO CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY FREDERIC WACZEWSKI, an experience Orlando Florida Criminal Defense Attorney & highly sought after lawyer for criminal cases large & small.

Dealing with a complicated criminal legal system can be difficult and confusing for most people. It is important that you work with a seasoned defense lawyer who will protect you every step of the method. Hire a criminal defense attorney who’s existed and understands what they’re doing– somebody who won’t be daunted or back down.

For many years, our lawyers have actually defended clients in complicated criminal and civil litigation. We prepare to stand by your side and strongly secure your rights. Our attorneys frequently safeguard clients in matters related to DUI, theft, gun possession, narcotics criminal offenses, domestic physical violence, assault and battery, murder, and sexual crimes.

Due to the fact that they understand that we are fiercely loyal to them, our customers are fiercely loyal to us.

If you have been detained, are the target of an investigation, or find yourself in the middle of a legal fight, contact us today. One of our lawyers will personally take a seat with you and plainly discuss your situation, what you can expect, and what your finest course of defense is.

Don’t plead guilty or consent to anything before talking to among our attorneys. We will certainly fight for your rights.

An experienced trial attorney is the only influence that matters in a courtroom.

No matter what the charge, our lawyers are ready to protect you every step of the way. We will direct you, recommend you, pay attention to you, and protect you. Being accuseded of a crime is significant. Your job is at threat. Your home is at danger. Everything important to you is at risk. No matter what the charge, treat it seriously.

Even if you want to fix your case with a plea deal, your attorney ought to be preparing for trial. You will certainly be in a stronger position to negotiate the plea deal you are looking for.darwin-cases if the prosecutor knows your lawyer is preparing for trial.

If you have any need to think you are the target of an investigation, call now. Don’t wait to be arrested. The earlier we get included, the simpler it is to secure you. Early participation commonly prevents charges from being submitted.

Our attorneys have actually stood for countless clients, and consistently offered those clients with favorable results in even the most hard cases.

Throughout the years, We have represented customers from every stratus of society, consisting of lenders, police officers, dental experts, physicians, respected magnate, professional athletes, as well as an Eagle Scout.

No matter what the charge, no matter who you are– if you are in difficulty, our lawyers are here to help you protect your personal rights.